Things You Can Do To Prolong The Life Of Your Air Conditioner

The ongoing technological advancements have made human beings servile to the advantages that machines provide. In the 21st century, we and our successive generations cannot fathom life without a few accessories, which we like to classify as basic amenities. Air conditioning units are one of those things which have made our life convenient and pleasant. However, we tend to overlook certain important issues at times when it comes to the maintenance and upkeep of these machines.

If an air conditioning unit is not serviced periodically, then the possible faults might strike the functioning of the unit with full force. This will put extra pressure on you in terms of added expenses which will be needed to rectify the situation. Therefore, it is always suggested to keep the machine under the eye of a professional service provider. An air conditioner should get serviced at least once every year and that to a few months before the summer season starts. Professionals are skilled at the work that they do and understand the nuances of the units in question. Their trained hands and eyes will catch a probable fault before it arrives, and timely treatment will save you the money and inconvenience that might be caused during the summer season.

Keep your machine checked for debris which might get into the body, if yours is a window unit. Foreign particles in the machinery can cause serious damage in the proper functioning of the air conditioner. You can also cover the machine during autumn and winter when there is a strong chance of leaves falling and finding their way into the machine. Also, keeping the machine covered will ensure the cleanliness of the internal parts, which will prolong the life of the machine. You can trim the shrubs and plants near the unit, in this way you will protect the machine against the infiltration of any foreign particle.

On the technical front, it is advisable to keep checking the filters every month. Clean or replace them if the need arises. Long usage results in bent fins, so don’t ignore this issue and get them straightened with a comb with fine teeth. Insulation of the unit is another important part. Secure them with a large suction line. If any kind of damage is noticed in the line, then it should be replaced immediately. When you hire a professional for the service, talk about the services the company is providing. It should include cleaning of the condensing unit coils, checking amp draw of the compressor, oil of the fan motors, checking the system operating pressure and temperatures, etc. Find the best office for air conditioning services, and gift your unit a longer life.

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