Save Energy and Money With De-Stratification Fans

As we all know the rising fuel costs mean it’s important to try and find ways to lower our energy bills where ever we can.

Did you know that over 20% of the heat lost through the roof caused by stratification is a loss that can be drastically reduced?

Stratification is what happens when warm air rises and cool air descends which creates an imbalance in air temperature in your working environment. This means warm air on ceilings and cooler air at floor level.

Thermal de-stratification fans take the heat that would usually escape through or be trapped in the ceiling and return it to ground level where is can be better used. This reduces heat loss and lowers heating costs as the warm air is re-circulated to floor level at virtually no cost..

De-stratification fans suit most commercial and industrial premises making them prefect for saving energy, especially in buildings with high ceilings where the fans are really effective at returning the heat back to ground level where it was intended to be in the first place.

Utilising de-stratification fans also means that you can reduce the number of heaters required as the warm air can be redirected through the building, heating any “cold areas” that you might have.

The Carbon Trust recommends the use of de-stratification fans to reduce CO2 emissions.

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