Save Money With our Heating System Treatments

Did you now that you could be wasting a lot of money on your energy bills due to dirty and inefficient central heating systems?

It is a common misconception that water treatment is considered solely for new installations; however, it can also have a significant and positive affect in existing systems. Systems that have not been pre-commissioned or maintained with regular chemical water treatment will often be exposed to common problems such as boiler noise, pump failure and cold spots.

When it comes to improving an inefficient heating system often the first port of call is to replace the existing boiler and in many cases this if the most sensible solution. However, in the current climate, budgetary restraints may not always allow for this in the short term.

Steve Roberts, Managing Director of Techniheat Plant Services has some good news:

“In some cases replacing the boiler may not be necessary at all – as significant improvements could be made to a system’s efficiency, purely by cleaning it out.”

If the radiators or boiler are blocked with sludge or debris, the boiler not only has to work harder, but the circulating water won’t be transferring heat to the rooms as efficiency as possible.

Central heating systems need to be flushed, cleaned and regularly serviced using the correct water treatment to ensure they work to optimum efficiency.

Techniheat Plant Services offers a range of treatments to help keep your heating systems running as efficiently as possible and save your company money.

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Heating System Flushing & Treatment

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Heating System Efficient Water Treatment

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