Techniheat Launches New Website!

TPS is very pleased to announce their new website (hint: you’re on it!)

Our previous website was released in 2010, however as we have continued to grow we wanted to take advantage of the latest advances in technology and make our website better for our current and new customers – so we were due for an update.

The site is designed to have more information for our customers. It also works seamlessly on mobile phones and tablets, and we are adding resources, guides and news to keep you updated.

Our Managing Director, Steve Roberts, explains further:

“On the new web site we have been able to add video content and testimonials from many of our long-standing and satisfied customers to keep the site fresh and interesting.”

The new site will be further enhanced next month by adding an internal picture mapping and tour of the office building at Priory House in Marple and portrait pictures of key staff will be added in a new section called Meet the Team.

Ongoing we aim to add more guides and resources to help you understand more about your plant maintenance requirements and obligations, as well as how our services can save you time, money and energy usage at your commercial premises.

If there is any particular things you’d like to see on our new site, please get in touch here – we’d love to hear from you.

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