The Main Benefits of Hiring Commercial Heating Engineers for Air Handling Unit Repair

The air handling unit of your HVAC system might not matter much, but it soon will once you pay more for your utility bills. You will especially pay attention to it once the air handler begins to show signs of trouble. Not only will more money come out of your pocket for the air handling unit repair, but your building will also feel increasingly uncomfortable.

It’s Not Just a Box

To understand the importance of an air handling unit, you need to know the role it plays in your HVAC system. The air handling unit or AHU treats the air supplied into buildings a number of ways:

  • Filtering
  • Cooling (and/or heating)
  • Humidifying (and/or dehumidifying)

So not only is it responsible for controlling the flow of air, but it is also designed to circulate cool or warm air. If the AHU is not in good running condition, expect the air circulation in your building to be affected.

Commercial Engineers Keep It Running

The common repair problems for AHUs include condensation leaks, unit fans that do not work, and filthy air conditioner blowers. The right commercial heating engineer will get to the root of the problem and fix your AHU accordingly. Fixing it on your own, even with the manufacturer’s manual, could lead to other problems since there are multiple components to consider.

Commercial heating engineers not only make sure your AHU is restored to its working condition; the thorough repair job may even allow it to run more efficiently. When your air handler operates better, the entire HVAC system will, too. This means improved comfort, manageable utility bills, and better indoor air quality.

Get Your Air Handler Units Serviced

Repair jobs are easy enough for heating engineers. But why wait for a problem with your AHU before getting it looked at by a certified professional? With most appliances, prevention is key to improved performance and securing longevity. Aside from making sure the AHU is clean, you should also have it maintained.

A regular maintenance schedule will detect early problems with the filter, fan, the heat recovery system, the dampers, and other components. Early detection prevents costly repairs or replacements. It will also make sure that your AHU runs as expected so that your HVAC system delivers on comfort and air quality.

Don’t wait until the fan starts to create odd noises or you begin to develop respiratory problems. Get your air handler unit “handled” by licensed heat engineers now, give our service team a call on 0161 427 0541. You’ll not only save money but also get more performance out of your HVAC system.