Commercial Water Treatment in Manchester

Our specialist Heating Engineers are able to carry out sample water testing and water treatment to make your commercial heating systems more efficient, which in turn reduces your long term costs.

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Heating systems work by pumping heat generated by boilers through a pipework system to where it is required. Water is generally used for several reasons, namely that it is very cheap and plentiful but also because it has extremely good thermal efficiency i.e. it can absorb a lot of heat and transport it around a system.

“Our aim is to make your systems efficient again and reduce your long term costs”

Here’s why it’s a potential problem:

The cleanliness of a system plays a big part in the efficiency of it. There are several factors that can contribute to the deterioration of the water within a heating or chilled system.

  • Water leaks will cause the loss of chemical inhibitors and also allow fresh oxygen laden water into the system which allows further corrosion.
  • Corrosion products start to build in the system as loose sludge which can move around and cause blockages in small bore pipes.
  • Corrosion such as Iron 2 and Iron 3 oxides build up as “rust barnacles” which cause blockages as their volume is six times greater than the Iron that produces them. These barnacles can also act as plugs which plug pin holes in the pipes and if they become detached will cause leaks.
  • Sludge and scale build ups should be avoided as this has the effect of internally insulating the pipes and preventing efficient heat transfer.

We have the solution to save you money:

Regular testing and treatment of the water systems using the correct inhibitors / chemicals will prolong the lifespan of the pipework almost indefinitely. The cost of running heating systems could be reduced as less fuel, gas and electric would be needed to run a clean and efficient system. Maintenance and repair costs could also be lower as a result of maintaining clean and leak free pipes.

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We offer regular servicing to bring your boiler’s efficiency level back up. We can also help with planned preventative maintenance (PPM) and much more.

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Commercial Water Treatment in Manchester

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