How to Improve the Efficiency of your Heating System

Installing high-efficiency boilers is not the only way to improve the efficiency of your existing heating system. For many, striving to save money in any possible way, reducing the heating maintenance costs is a tempting option.

However, fully flushing your existing system, as part of your overall cost-reduction efforts, could improve both the efficiency and performance of your heating system. In addition, it could cost you more in the long run, considering the consequences.

The truth is, having a new high-efficiency boiler replacing an old, ageing model is unquestionably an excellent way to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions at the same time. However, in order for a boiler to deliver optimal carbon and energy savings while ensuring the user’s comfort, the installation should have water treatment products added to the system.

It is crucial for the water system to be chemically treated and running clean at all times, even when installed with brand new pipework. Therefore, regardless of the boiler’s efficiency and any sophisticated controls it may come with, if the water system is not treated properly, you will not achieve the best fuel efficiencies and energy savings.

Power flushing an old system will not only increase the life of the boiler but will also improve the performance of the new system significantly. When water comes into contact with various metals traced in central heating systems, electrolytic corrosion occurs which in turn leads to the formation of sludge and magnetite. The same effect also happens when the system fills with new water laden with fresh Oxygen.


Keeping a system clean and protected is paramount; adding central heating filters to capture any contaminants that are circulating within the system can help enhance the system’s efficiency. That alone makes this investment money well spent. In addition, water treatment products contribute to the longevity of a boiler.

A system not cleaned, flushed and inhibited appropriately will result in a broken down boiler much sooner that it should. Power flushing creates a freshwater flow that removes debris from the boiler, the water cylinder (if installed) and the system, with impressive power. Additionally, every radiator is also cleaned during the process and should therefore improve the heat emitted from the radiators. Power flushing is a significant part of a heating system’s care, especially before the installation of a new boiler. Plus, it is a something you will pay for only once.

A power flush cleans the system thoroughly. What is more, limescale formation and corrosion build up can be prevented if a quality inhibitor is used right after a power flush. That way, there will be no need for additional power flushes. That said, adequate inhibitor levels should be maintained in order for your system to achieve the reductions mentioned above. Maintenance of the adequate inhibitor is important, especially when the system has been drained. Inhibitor top ups may also be required in case of pressure loss, leaks within the system or when removing a radiator.

A system sludged can cause significant problems; for this reason having it properly cleaned with regular water treatments is paramount in order to protect it. It has been evidenced that cleaning and protecting a system can lead to up to 15% gas savings. For additional savings on energy and improvement of the system’s efficiency and longevity, adding central heating filters to capture circulating contaminants is also highly recommended.

If debris and sludge block the system, the boiler will have to work harder and longer, because the water circulating within it will be unable to transfer the heat with utmost efficiency. In addition, fully flushing the central heating system, especially when a new boiler is fitted, should be standard practice. With the benefits already presented power flushing should be standard procedure.

Power flushing is one of many commercial heating services we offer to our clients that helps save them money on their energy bills.

If you want to find out more about power flushing we can help. Just call our Service Team on 0161 427 0541 and let us show you how significant fuel savings can be made!

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