Covid-19 & Techniheat Services – Updated 17 Mar 2020

As the Covid-19 outbreak develops we feel it is important to inform our customers of the steps we as a company are taking and the effects it has on the services we provide.

As of the time of writing, TPS are fully operational and aim to continue to provide our services until a time we are forced to stop through government intervention or otherwise.  We are still available 24/7 and our on call staff are still here to support our customers at any time.

We have been informed by a number of customers that access to their sites are restricted to outside contractors, therefore any active jobs will be postponed if we cannot arrange suitable access.  We will still be operating 24 hours and aim to offer our full service as usual. Once the restrictions are lifted we will be extremely busy in catching up with any postponed jobs and we would ask our customers to take this into account and allow for extended lead times for works to be completed.

In some cases where plant require spare parts from Europe we would ask again for your understanding as some lead times are going to be affected.

We would request that any sites still operating and able to accommodate contractors refrain from delaying any works where possible.  This will reduce any waiting times for work to be completed once things start to return to normality and help you maintain your own operation with the shortest loss of service possible.

Plans are being put into place to enable us to work through any backlogs further down the line which may include extended operation hours, as a result we may offer early or late service visits to any customers able to accommodate them.

Going forward with immediate effect we have taken a number of steps to help protect our customers and staff which include ;

  • We will no longer be taking customer signatures for our jobs.  Instead our engineers will ask for customers initials to be entered with their permission and our engineer will enter these on our iPads.
  • All staff are instructed to avoid interpersonal contact such as shaking hands and to increase distances from others.
  • Any staff members displaying corona virus associated symptoms will be sent home to self isolate immediately inline with government guidance.
  • We will not be holding any meetings at our offices and request that all customers, sales representatives etc refrain from visiting our offices and instead use phone calls or emails wherever possible.
  • Please continue to let our engineers access to your welfare facilities so they can clean up as and when required.
  • Finally we would request that when we attend customer sites, wherever possible our engineers are given addition space in order to complete their work to minimise contact.

If there are any major changes or updates we will look to keep you advised via our website, but please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

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