Commercial Heating Engineers in Stockport List the Top Reasons Behind Boiler Breakdowns

Most households and commercial establishments in the country have a boiler to maintain a warm interior environment, especially during the wet and freezing months (which takes up most of the year in the UK). Due to frequent use, boilers are often at high risk of breaking down; the causes may vary, but many of them are easy enough to repair. At times, there’s even no need to call in the experts (although it is still recommended to ensure quality work).

Here, Techniheat’s team, who are commercial heating engineers in Stockport have listed the top reasons behind boiler breakdowns.

  1. Airlocks – These prevent hot air and water from being produced. Typically, homeowners can bleed out the heating system to get rid of the air locks. There are different ways of doing this and tutorials are available online. However, if you want the quickest solution to this problem, it’s best to hire the pros. This will cost you, but the heating system will be back to working order in no time.
  2. Boiler turns off on its own – This may be due to low water pressure, and/or a faulty thermostat, a frozen condensate pipe, et cetera. Bleeding the system may work; sometimes, waiting it out is all that needs to be done because the low water pressure may be caused by work being done in the area and it’s affecting water flow. If none of these solutions work, again, turn to heating engineers.
  3. Broken thermostat – Time wears down this vital component of the heater and it usually prevents the heating system from working effectively and efficiently. This type of breakdown usually requires the know-how of professional heating engineers; they can either repair it or replace it with a new one if it’s the only component of the system that’s not working properly.
  4. Bubbling and gurgling sounds while running – A noisy boiler is typically due to the pile up or accumulation of limescale in the heat exchanger. Some people pay this no mind as long as the system is working, but if you find the noise too disturbing, power flushing can get rid of the build-up (as well as locked air) in the system.
  5. Leaks – These are brought about by loose connections and broken parts. It’s usually tricky to tinker with the components so it’s best to leave this type of commercial boiler repair to the specialists. If you’re not knowledgeable about the mechanism and components of the system, a DIY effort can make the problem worse and have you spending more on repair—more than you’re prepared to shell out.

To reduce the likelihood of boiler breakdowns we’d recommend annual servicing. Discuss your requirements with our service team today on 0161 427 0541.