Commercial Heating Engineers Offer Tips to Prepare Your Premises for Summer

The summer season presents plenty of opportunities for stores and restaurants. As the temperature steadily rises, you can host outdoor events, run a sale, or simply enjoy the pleasant weather and the steady increase in the number of your customers after the holiday slump.

However, it is crucial that you ensure that your premises are properly prepared for the summer season. Here are a few helpful tips from your trusted commercial heating engineers.

Don’t forget your staff

Your business relies on the optimal performance of your staff on a year-round basis. You might want to concentrate your efforts on improving your customers’ experience, but do not forget about your own employees.

As much as possible, you need to ensure that your store’s HVAC system is running optimally, especially in enclosed and stuffy spaces like the stock room. Make sure that your employees are adequately hydrated during their shifts.

Keeping food safe

If you sell perishable food, you have to pay attention to a few important matters.

Glass condensation is a common problem among older refrigeration systems. Unless you are ready to invest in a new system that prevents condensation, you can simply choose heaters which minimise energy consumption by as much as 70 percent.

Consider relocating your refrigerators to a new spot, preferably away from walls, windows and equipment that produce heat.

Pest control

The rise in temperature brings most pesky insects out, including ants.

Keep these insects at bay by eliminating potential food sources. Spilled food and drinks should be cleaned up immediately. Stored food, on the other hand, should be kept in airtight containers.

Encourage your employees to rinse the trash bin after taking out the trash. Look for cracks around doors and windows and have these sealed. Gutters and downspouts should also be cleaned regularly.

HVAC Cleaning and maintenance

Don’t wait until summer to have your HVAC system’s filters cleaned. When these filters become dirty, air flow is slowed down. This, in turn, results in increased energy consumption and waste as the system has to work doubly hard to keep your premises cool.

Ideally, filters should be checked at least once a month, especially during winter and summer. If the filter is dirty, replace it. Replace filters quarterly.

Have a professional technician look at your HVAC system at least once a year. This will help ensure that the system functions optimally, especially during peak seasons, and that minor problems are prevented from escalating into bigger ones.

Of course if you need help with your HVAC systems, Techniheat are here to lend a hand. Give us a call on 0161 427 0541.

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