Is Your Commercial Heating Costing Your Business?

Proper interior climate is crucial to businesses; it provides comfort and boosts productivity. Commercial establishments don’t think twice about the price of a good heating system as long as it’s able to contribute to the ideal conditions within the workplace.

However, there are times when commercial heating systems end up generating costs much higher than they should. During the winter, understandably, frequent usage has the system consuming more energy. Other than this, though, there are other possible reasons why the system is costing businesses more, and it’s imperative that you know what they are so appropriate action can be taken and you can effectively manage your business’s operational expenses.

One reason is that your workplace may have areas where air leaks. Air leakages prevent the system from heating up rooms quickly because they allow for cold air to come in and hot air to escape, forcing the heating system to work harder and consume more energy.

A second reason is that you may not have programmed the thermostat appropriately; naturally, this will cause the system to overwork. Correcting this issue is really just a matter of knowing what the recommended setting is.

Third, the heating system may really not be functioning properly. If you notice that:

  • It’s taking a much longer time to warm up;
  • It’s making weird noises;
  • The radiators (one or more) are cold at the bottom and require more frequent bleeding, and
  • There is a buildup of black oxide sludge, lime scale, mineral oil, leftover joint compounds, and other debris,

Then there truly is something wrong with the system and you can bet it’s costing you more.

The best way to deal with this issue is to call in commercial heating engineers immediately and have the system power flushed completely, so they can also see if there are other reasons behind the poor running condition of the heating system.

You cannot delay addressing the situation because aside from the risk of the system breaking down completely—which will then require you to purchase expensive new equipment—your operations can also get compromised. There’ll be lower productivity, and if you have temperature-sensitive materials, they can spoil and become huge losses for your business.

Therefore, always monitor the performance of your commercial heating system and keep up with maintenance requirements. In today’s highly competitive business landscape, no enterprise should waste resources or pay unnecessarily more in creating an ideal climate for work. It’s part of smart management to stay on top of these things.

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