Why Should I Get My Commercial Boiler Serviced?

The price of energy supplies is always in the news but whether the cost is going up or down it’s always worth thinking about the benefits of regular boiler servicing.

Each and every one of us regularly organise routine maintenance checks on our essential items, like an MOT for our car to software updates for computers. We all like to ensure that our products are safe and working effectively. However, we can easily forget to ensure that our boilers are checked and maintained regularly.

When your new gas or oil fired boiler is fitted, the installer will use an installation checklist. This checklist is included in the instructions that are supplied by the manufacturer. The list ensures that your boiler warranty is validated and complies with all the current regulations. The new boiler or heater will be issued with a commissioning sheet and safety certificate for your records.

After this initial set-up and commissioning, it becomes the business owners responsibility to arrange for the annual servicing and safety certification to be carried out each year from then on.

Why Service Your Boiler Annually?

When your boiler is regularly serviced, it will be more efficient, less susceptible to breakdowns, and you will be re-assured of it’s operational safety. Also , regular servicing can ensure that combustion levels are correct and any blockages or build-ups in the system can be identified and removed.

Regular services are also increasingly important as many manufacturers are offering extended warranties, but stipulate that for your warranty to remain valid, that the boiler or heater must be serviced annually and a record of each service kept.

Boiler servicing can also help to reduce business costs in two main ways. Firstly, when the boiler is running efficiently, you will be saving money on energy bills compared to a boiler with poor combustion figures. Secondly, a safe and well-functioning boiler will ensure fewer breakdowns, and issues can be identified and resolved before they become serious and more complex to fix.

Keep Your Boiler In Top Condition

Whether you have an old inefficient boiler that you just want to keep going, or you are looking to get a new one, it’s important to keep it safe and reduce your fuel bills at all times.

Techniheat offer commercial heating engineers to help you with various servicing plans that can be tailored to your equipment requirements, and would be happy to discuss the best options for you. Please call our friendly service team on [icon name=”phone”][tracker-local-phone] to find out how we can help you.

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