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Techniheat’s ever-growing Service Team

Commercial Heating Engineers in Manchester

In the last few months, the service team has increased in numbers through as we continue our steady growth, and ensure that we always have trained heating engineers available to our customers. More qualified engineers have been added to the team. We also have two new apprentice engineers with us here at TPS, investing in…

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Taking Care of Commercial Boilers in Large Houses

commercial boilers

Did you know that although Techniheat only work with commercial boilers, we do service some domestic properties? This is because in some large houses, standard domestic boilers aren’t up to the job so commercial grade boilers are installed. When you have commercial equipment you need a commercial gas engineer to ensure it is safely maintained…

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Tips for Keeping Your Water Systems Safe

BEAMA’s Water Safety & Hygiene Group recommends keeping water systems healthy by managing biofilm. Around 99.5% of the bacteria found in taps, pipework and mixers are in a biofilm, providing a perfect environment for them to thrive. Biofilm is a collection of micro-organisms that stick to an appropriate surface and secrete an adhesive and protective…

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Why Should I Get My Commercial Boiler Serviced?

The price of energy supplies is always in the news but whether the cost is going up or down it’s always worth thinking about the benefits of regular boiler servicing. Each and every one of us regularly organise routine maintenance checks on our essential items, like an MOT for our car to software updates for…

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Save Energy and Money With De-Stratification Fans

As we all know the rising fuel costs mean it’s important to try and find ways to lower our energy bills where ever we can. Did you know that over 20% of the heat lost through the roof caused by stratification is a loss that can be drastically reduced? Stratification is what happens when warm…

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How to Improve the Efficiency of your Heating System

Installing high-efficiency boilers is not the only way to improve the efficiency of your existing heating system. For many, striving to save money in any possible way, reducing the heating maintenance costs is a tempting option. However, fully flushing your existing system, as part of your overall cost-reduction efforts, could improve both the efficiency and performance of…

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Save Money With our Heating System Treatments

Did you now that you could be wasting a lot of money on your energy bills due to dirty and inefficient central heating systems? It is a common misconception that water treatment is considered solely for new installations; however, it can also have a significant and positive affect in existing systems. Systems that have not…

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Customer Satisfaction: Testimonials & Case Studies

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do here at TPS. As part of our new website launch, we’ve added two new interesting sections to the site that we encourage you to take a look at: Customer Testimonials We are extremely proud of the testimonials from our happy customers. When our satisfied clients email us with comments we ask their permission…

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We now have a dedicated Projects Team – Here’s what they can help with.

Due to TPS’s continued expansion and our capability to handle larger projects for our clients, we have now added a dedicated projects team. We are firm believers that customer satisfaction is the key to growth. The natural expansion over the last few years has resulted in the doubling of office space and launching of the projects department. “Our overall aim is to give prospective new customers…

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Things You Can Do To Prolong The Life Of Your Air Conditioner

The ongoing technological advancements have made human beings servile to the advantages that machines provide. In the 21st century, we and our successive generations cannot fathom life without a few accessories, which we like to classify as basic amenities. Air conditioning units are one of those things which have made our life convenient and pleasant.…

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