Techniheat to the rescue…as seen on TV!

Techniheat were proud to be featured as the saviours of the day on Channel 5’s new reality TV show ‘Inside Manchester’s Midland Hotel’.

We have been maintaining the Manchester Midland Hotel’s heating plant and steam boilers as their Commercial Heating Engineers for over 10 years. On this occasion, a new flue dilution fan was needed which resulted in the Midland not being able to do any laundry.

The Midland Hotel has its own in-house laundry which cleans thousands of pieces of bed linen, towels and more every day and the programme showed how critical it is for the hotel to keeping the boilers running. The whole laundry operation runs on steam, so when that goes wrong everything stops. An urgent repair was needed otherwise they would have had to seek even more outside help to get their sheets cleaned.

Fortunately, Techniheat Plant Services were there to save the day. Initially, we were on site straight away to diagnose the problem and then we obtained and installed a new flue dilution fan as fast as possible.

The program shows that at one point, only half of the Hotel beds had clean sheets! Rooms weren’t ready and guests had to wait, showing what a critical operation it is. As the programme highlights, The Midland prides itself on exceptional customer service so this issue was a big problem. Exceptional service and problem solving is all in a days work for Techniheat and we were more than happy to be there quickly to get them back up and running.

On this occasion our engineer was Tom and he provided the professional and reliable service they have come to expect but more importantly we resolved the issue fast, which allowed the Hotel to resume normal business as soon as possible.

While Techniheat keeps all equipment regularly serviced, things do fail from time to time and that’s why our team are always on hand to provide emergency service when it’s needed.

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‘Inside Manchester Midland Hotel’ can be watched again via Channel 5s on-demand service.

Images included in this article are screen caps from the programme and are used under Fair Use Copyright for the sake of reporting current events with full attribution back to the original public source of the works.

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