Air Conditioning Companies (Manchester) Champion Productive Office Environments

Annually, companies spend a substantial amount of money toward products and services which they hope will bolster productivity in the workplace. But in this quest for improved productivity, one crucial factor is often overlooked: temperature control.

Numerous studies indicate that the temperature inside the office can affect the productivity of employees. On average, 8.5 minutes are wasted by simply adjusting the temperature. It is also fairly common for employees to argue over the temperature inside the office. Some may say that the room is too hot, while others may say that it is too cold.

During summer, some employees will get out of the office or bring their own electric fans simply to beat the heat. In winter, some will wear additional clothing in layers or even bring a hot water battle to combat chills.

So how do you achieve the optimal temperature that will make your employees happy and productive?

Before delving into that matter, it is worthwhile to discuss crucial factors that come into play. On one hand, you have environmental factors to consider, including the air temperature, radiant temperature, air velocity and humidity. And on the other hand, you have to consider the type of clothing that employees wear, as well as their individual metabolic rates which dictate how they react to temperature.

With these factors in mind, the next question to ask is: What is the optimal temperature for productivity in the workplace?

According to numerous studies, the optimal temperature range for productivity is between 70 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit. However, if you truly want to achieve optimal productivity, the temperature you should target is 71 degrees Fahrenheit. Go a degree higher or lower than this and you will notice a decline in productivity. If the temperature rises over 75 degrees, the dip in productivity goes down faster.

However, it is worthwhile to mention that although 71 degrees is the optimal temperature for productivity, you still have to take into account individual preferences. Some people will still feel cold at this temperature.

There are several ways to achieve the recommended temperature level for productivity. For one, employees should avoid wearing clothing that will make them too warm. Next, windows and skylights should be replaced with new ones that block UV light. Modern windows and skylights offer a high degree of protection against heat transfer, even during sunny months.

It will also help to keep the temperature at a steady state, especially during summer. Instead of lowering the temperature of the AC, air conditioning companies suggest that you allow your employees to adjust to the temperature inside the office.

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