5 Ways Commercial Boiler Repairs Can Save You Money

It’s always a hassle when the boiler you use for your business breaks down. It effects the interior environment of your establishment, which may be essential to the quality maintenance of products or to ensuring the physical comfort of your workers. The only thing you can really do is have it repaired immediately.

You may not be happy with the cost of service, but just think about it as an opportunity for improvement. Commercial boiler repairs may actually allow you to find ways to save money, so even if the service rate is not necessarily cheap, the returns may prove to be advantageous to your business. How, exactly?

  1. You can have the professionals set the boiler to its ideal thermostat, which is between 60 and 65 degrees Celsius. This setting will provide enough heat in rooms along with sanitised water that is hot, but not hot enough to scald. And if you also have the water cylinder insulated, your establishment can enjoy hot water in the morning even if you have turned off the boiler in the evening. You can save a considerable amount of energy (which will reflect on your electric bill), as well as minimise your carbon footprint. According to the Energy Saving Trust, the savings in hot water here can be £30/year; with the use of an insulation jacket, it can become £45/year. This doesn’t seem like much, but it can build up through the years.
  2. Commercial heating engineers Manchester that locals rely on also say that repairs can restore the efficient working capacity of the system to ensure that it’s not using up more energy than it actually needs to.
  3. Repairs can help ensure that your insurance is valid. This is because most purchased boilers come with a warranty that is only valid if repaired by certified heating engineers.
  4. Repairs can make sure that the establishment is completely safe from carbon monoxide emissions, which is quite common with broken boilers. How big a financial and operational setback would it be if workers and customers get sick because of CO poisoning in your place of business? You can avoid the huge cost that this can potentially come with if you regularly make sure that the boiler is in proper working order.
  5. Repairs also prolong the life of the boiler. A boiler is no small investment (its price range is between £1,000 and £16,000 and even more) and the last thing you want is to replace it so soon. With regular repairs, you are able to catch small damages right away and have them fixed before they reach an irreparable state; the cost is definitely much lower than the cost of buying a new commercial boiler for your business establishment.

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